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Vintage Lockie Lee Ice Cream Milk Dairy Light Up Clock Ohio


Vintage Old 1950 s Borden s Ice Cream CommercialNew 22w 8 circular bulb was just installed and the clock also functions. Vintage Lockie Lee ice cream milk light up clock. This item can be shipped to United States. vintage lockie lee ice cream milk dairy light up clock ohio.

In-8-2 Nixie Tubes For Nixie Clock, New & Nos, Tested, Original Packing 6 Pcs


Can Nixie Tube Operate At 100 000 HzArabic numerals from 0 to 9 and column. Many nixie clocks and other devices made, using this tubes. This item can be shipped worldwide. in-8-2 nixie tubes for nixie clock, new & nos, tested, original packing 6 pcs.

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