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Antique 1885 Santa Barbara Hansen Wooden Roll Top Secretary Desk Bookcase Glass


Restoring an Antique Secretary Part 2 of 4 Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration Antique 1885 santa barbara hansen wooden roll top secretary desk bookcase glass these are usually items that are no longer manufactured or available by retail. I specialize in vintage items that are usually 50+ years old. There is no intentional misleading information in my listings, but there may be a mistake, or something occasionally missed due to human error.

60 X 100 Ft Roll White Frost Film Complete Privacy For Office, Bath, Glass Doors.

Earthship Seminar 2009 DVD I Earthship Szemin riumWe also have a huge quantity of film available in Medium 35%, Dark 20%, and Limo tint and Reflective silver and gray, also some colors like green, red, and blue. 60 x 100 ft roll white frost film complete privacy for office, bath, glass doors this roll is 60 wide by 100 ft long of white frost film.

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